The proper fundamentals of baseball/softball are the building blocks of the game. A successful player must be able to hit the ball, field the ball, throw it and run the bases.

I focus on player development through private instruction. My goal is to prepare players for high school and college ball. I specialize in teaching fundamentals, many players have not learned the correct fundamentals to make them successful in their choice of sport. I am currently training fundamentals and proper techniques in hitting and defensive fielding for Baseball and Softball. I utilize a Swing Tracker, which provides players with more objective information, by providing access to the same swing analytics used by MLB coaches. By using a swing tracker, I found an easy to use and accurate sensor that captures consistent and accurate swing metrics. The swing data is automatically overlaid with video, allowing me to more effectively communicate the correlation between metrics and a player’s swing. The app used then sends all of a players swing data and video to the cloud and is immediately available in my portal, where I am able to analyze a player’s trends and performance over time.

My name is Fernando (Fernie) Molina Sr., I have resided in the high desert and have been a part of the community for 24 years. During this time I have successfully coached various sports, to include; Varsity Baseball, Pop Warner Football, youth Basketball, AYSO Soccer, girls fast pitch softball travel teams U12 – U14 – U16 – U18 five years in a row National Qualifying Tournament team within the High Desert, Victorville Little League- girls softball and baseball division. Call today to set up private or small group lessons.

Fernie Molina Sr.

(760) 964-0470